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IAPMEI supports SMEs in all stages of their life cycle

How we operate

          • Directly through the central services and a regional network of Centers for Entrepreneurial Development, present in 12 cities from North to South;
          • Through participation in a set of dozens of entities geared towards the provision of services to companies in the financial, technical and technological fields;
          • Through partnership networks with other public and private entities directly involved in supporting entrepreneurship, innovation and business development.


Business assistance and training for SMEs

We support SMEs in developing their businesses through direct and personalized support to entrepreneurs and top managers deployment strategies for innovation, growth and internationalization, and also in the training of their staff.

Stimulation of entrepreneurship and business creation

We encourage the development of entrepreneurial mindset in young people, as well as the creation of new knowledge based businesses with potential for innovation and growth. We provide mentoring and financing solutions for startup and early stages.

Incentives to investment and international roll-out

We grant investment incentives, trough non-refundable and refundable schemes, for projects based on innovation, modernization, resource qualification and international roll-out strategies.

Fostering business innovation

We provide instruments that induce innovation management in companies, either individually or through collective development strategies, and display opportunities for cooperation and international partners for business development.

Supporting business cooperation and cluster strategies

We foster the connection of companies with shared and integrated strategies, thus facilitating the establishment of knowledge networks, supply chains and clusters, as well as other collaborative initiatives between companies.

Business assistance and turnaround

We provide financing solutions adapted to the companies’ needs and we assist SMEs in their growth, transmission and corporate turnarounds, thus supporting critical stages in their life cycle.