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Marisa Garrido, Board of Directors
                           Appointed March 1st 2023

Academic qualifications

Degree in Business Management, Instituto Superior de Gestão (Lisbon - Portugal - 1996).
Professional experience
  • Senior executive manager in various business areas, with wide experience in staff  management, namely in the design and implementation of organisational shift programs  through skills development, as well as leadership culture reinforcement, focused on both results and strategies to improve employees experience;
  • Executive management experience on operations and logistics, information technology management and core systems implementation, marketing and franchise models;
  • Relevant experience on consulting projects management and development, namely on information systems and human resources tools in multiple business activities;
  • Wide experience in implementing cross-cutting and structuring development projects for employees, suppliers, partners, unions and other stakeholders, collaborating with both companies and academia;
  • Leadership of multidisciplinary teams responsible for the operation, selection and monitoring of partnerships, organisational shift programs and new business projects;
  • CTT Group - Director of People and Culture, member of the Transformation and the Ethics Committees (from 2020 to 2023);
  • DIA Portugal - Member of the Management Committee taking responsibility for the Franchise, Information Systems and Human Resources Departments, also taking on (2019) the role of acting director and chief transformation officer (from 2015 to 2019);
  • APED - Member of the board as a representative for DIA Portugal (2019);
  • EMEL - Director of Human Resources (2014 to 2015);
  • RTP - Director of Human Resources (2008 to 2014);
  • Member of the European Union Radio and Television ( Human Resources task force and corporate representative with the European Commission for the Media and Audio-visual Production Social Dialogue Initiative (2009 to 2014 );
  • SECIL Group - Director of Organizational Development (2005 to 2008);
  • Novabase - Director of Talent Management (2022 to 2005);
  • Consultant and project manager for the implementation of information systems, processes and human resources tools for various business activities (1996 to 2001).

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