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Portugal 2020 Support Schemes


About us

IAPMEI is the main governmental agency for economic policies targeted to portuguese companies and it works under the supervision of the Ministry of Economy. 
Our mission is to promote the competitiveness and business growth of the Portuguese enterprises throughout a supply of a range of services committed to the strengthen of innovation, entrepreneurship and business investment.
Fully aware of the importance of business grow for the economies, IAPMEI developed a set of instruments to enhance the capacity of companies regarding innovation and competitiveness.
We envisage the future of the economy through the digitalization of processes, focused on process design that brings improvement to the organizations. We developed specific tools to help them to grow in such direction.


Territorial - Portuguese mainland

Sectorial - Projects in all economic activities are eligible, with special focus on those that produce tradable products and services, oriented for the international market or contributing for their value chain and are not services related to the general economic interest.

According to the Portuguese Economic Activities Classification (CAE), are excluded from all calls for proposals, attending that they do not produce tradable products and services, the enterprises of the following activities:
          - Financial and assurance (divisions 64 to 66);
          - Public Administration and Defence (division 84);
          - Lottery and other gambles (division 95).

          - Primary agricultural production, fisheries and aquaculture (except R&D Voucher);
          - Other sectors with European restrictions;
          - The calls can exclude other activities;
          - Projects related with concession contracts with the State are not eligible.


Typologies and Instruments Schemes


Procedures and rules of application

Portugal 2020 portal provides orientations and documents, as regulation, information, announcements of calls for proposals, selection criteria for projects' eligibility based on objective and measurable parameters and indicators, etc.

Applications can only be submitted during the call for proposals opening period, by filling the correspondent electronic form, available in Balcão 2020.

Please read the Entrepreneurs Guide to Portugal 2020 Support Schemes for further information or contact us.