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StartUP Visa is a residence visa for entrepreneurs which aims to attract investment, talent and innovation capacity to Portugal.

By investing and creating qualified employment, entrepreneurs can integrate a startup incubator in Portugal and benefit from all the StartUP Portugal Program incentives and support. The program aims to strengthen the innovation ecosystem and to affirm Portugal as a country open to entrepreneurship and to all those who will use  knowledge and innovation to invest in the Portuguese economy and build up the national skilled workforce.


Entrepreneurs from all over the world who want to set up an innovative tech based company will have quick access to a residence visa that allows them to create or move their startup enterprise to Portugal.


Entrepreneurs can apply online.


International entrepreneurs wishing to access the StartUP Visa and obtain a residence and work visa must comply with the following criteria:
  • develop business activities to produce innovative goods and services;
  • open or relocate companies and/or projects focused on technology and knowledge, with a perspective of developing innovative products;
  • have the potential to create qualified employment;
  • have the potential to attain, 5 years after the incubation period, a turnover over 325.000€ per year, and/or assets value over 325.000€ per year.


The economic and innovative potential evaluation is based on the degree of innovation, business scalability, market potential, management team skills and potential for creating qualified employment in Portugal.

Check the StartUP Visa Certified Incubators.

Download the Application Guide:


For more information please use or +351 213 836 237.

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Legislative Order nr. 04/2018, 02nd February
Regulation nr. 344/2017, 13th November, amended by Regulation nr. 275/2018, 04th October
The Social Support Index (IAS) for the year 2024 (12 * 509,26 = 6.111,12)